Tips for Working from Home

Apr 14, 2020, 08:29 AM by McCall Knecht

Are you following a similar routine every day that allows you to get in to “work mode”?
Do you have a designated work area that is quiet and free of distractions?
Are you able to “turn off” this work area and walk away after work hours?
Do you have adequate lighting in your work area?
Are you taking adequate visual breaks away from electronics?

Fire Safety 
Are your walkways and doorways unobstructed?
Are your floors clear and free of hazards?
Do you have working smoke detectors in your work area?
Do you have a charged and easily accessible fire extinguisher in your work area?
Do you have more than one exit from your work area?
If your work area kept free of trash, clutter and flammable liquids?

Electrical Safety 
Is your computer equipment connected to a surge protector?
Are all electrical plugs, cords, outlets and panels in good condition? Is there any exposed or damaged wiring?
Are electrical cords run in non-traffic areas? Are there any electrical cords run under rugs?
Are all electrical cords secured under a desk on the along wall and away from all heat sources?
Is equipment turned off when not in use?
Are electrical outlets grounded with three-pronged plugs?

Workstation Ergonomics
Are office furniture and equipment ergonomically correct?
Is your desk 29 inches high?
Is your chair sturdy and adjustable?
When using a keyboard, are your forearms close to parallel with the floor?
Is your monitor 20-24 inches from your eyes? Is the top of your monitor slightly below eye level?
Do your feet reach the floor when seated or are they fully supported by a footrest?
Is your back adequately supported by a backrest?
Is your computer screen free from noticeable glare?